Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

The Dragon Revealed

Do not poke the Dragon.

600 CP.
Six Pink Pearls in a leather pouch
a Mirror of Flattery.
(again be sure that the treasure is not duplicated.)

Experience points
200 for roleplay tonight
200 for roleplay on the thread (If you participated.)
7 fire beetles 70 XP
Lizardfolk Leader 210 xp
2 lizardfolk 60 xp
Meeting Thoss Fyurnen and avoiding combat 1,700 XP
Water Elemental 870 XP
= 982 XP per person.

After breaking camp you return to the underground caverns and find the Dragon Shrine where you had the large battle with 7 lizardfolk. Crossing the river you find in an alcove where 7 fire beetles beset you. Easily besting them you find a calcified dwarf skeleton. In his hand he clutches a coin. This coin had a split orc head on one side and the dwarven rune for I on the other. Thorning recognizes this as a coin of the Ironaxe clan. An ancient and almost forgotten clan of dwarves.

Gert find a secret passage that leads to the Lizard Queens Boudoir. Searching her makeshift bed you find a chest containing 600 CP. Six Pink Pearls in a leather pouch, and a Mirror of Flattery.

You follow a hall out of that room and find yourselves in the largest cavern you’ve seen yet! It has a undergound lake. As you investigate this the Lizardfolk Queen and the two Lizardfolk who retreated from you before pop out and beset you. It is a hard fight but well won.

Seconds after you drop the Lizard Queen Thoss Fyurnen, the terrible black dragon, burst from the water and prepares to loose his breath upon you. The wyrmling flies to him. He then decides to leave you alive because he now sees that there is something YOU can do for HIM.

Thoss explains that having a war with the local humans, just isn’t the evil plan he has right now. It would in fact get in the way of what he and his mate Cheleen are planning. With his great tail he hefts an altar from an unseen alcove and drops it at your feet. He commands you to take it back to Cromm’s Hold with his apologies. He was after all only trying to get his young back from the Red Wizard Arvick who was as you probably guessed behind stealing his eggs.

You heft and drag the heavy altar and have just managed to push it up a waterfall. Machen then attacks you! She smashes the altar and grabs something from the insides. She releases a water elemental from the altar and then disappears.

You have a very hard fight but manage somehow to defeat this Dire Foe. You then rest. You follow an underground cavern to find machen had cut the rope leading to the exit. You climb hard out as carefully as you can and see that at least, the rain has stopped.


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