Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

Avrick's made alot of trouble for everyone.

What to do after a hangin'?

The rain just never let up and the festival wasn’t able to take place but all was not lost cause there was a Red Wizard to hang. He was responsible for the Floshin estate being robbed by Several half orcs. An ancient altar in the family crypt was broken during the robbery and several maids were dragged off as breeding stock. One of the maids made her way back and spilled the beans that Arvick was behind it all.

As they put the noose around Arvick the Red Wizard’s neck his tatoos began to writhe and move around. Sir Isteval, a noble paladin with a wounded leg, drew his longsword but the trapdoor was pulled and the Red Wizard was hanged. The tattos stopped moving and that, as they say, was that for old Arvick.

But suddenly hoof falls are heard and horse and rider appear. Cromms Hold has been attacked by a black dragon. The crowd panics in response to the news and becomes a dangerous mob of frightened people. The adventurers are recruited by Sir Isteval and sent to Cromms hold.

When they arrive at Cromms hold they find the attack is over and the dragon has left after taking his prize, another altar. Sir Isteval asks the adventurers to go forth into the swamp and see if they can locate the Dragons nest.

After a day of wanderind and a few various random encounters in the swamp, they come across a camp of orcs and half orcs. Thankfully the adventurers have a half orc in their number and he goes forth to question them. Initially the adventurers think that this is the group of half orc that must have ransacked the floshin estate but the group of orcs say nothing about that. The orcs do say, upon learning that Arvick is dead, that Arvick hired them to steal a dragons egg. The orcs reveal more information about where to find the dragons nest.

When they go to investigate the egg, it hatches and Gert becomes the caretaker of a hatchling black dragon. The acid from the hatchling is a bother and the group tries to bind up the hatchlings’ mouth, they manage to do so amidst screams from the hatchling and being spewed with specs of acid.

The group then learns that their guide has lost her bearings while wrestling with the drage. They go off into the swamp and try to regain their bearings, having another few random encounters. Having regained their sense of which way to go, they make camp for the night.


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