Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

The Dragon-slayers return
Really guys, there wasn't much dragon slaying involved.

Treasure: You found a bunch of gear with Arassán. All of the equipment belongs to Darwa and her retinue. In addition to the bedrolls belonging to Arassán and Baltron, the room contains:
- Two backpacks stuffed with enough rations to sustain
three people for one week
- Two 5-foot wooden poles that can be screwed
together to form one 10-foot pole (both poles are
carved with the monogram “D.D.”)
- Two casks of lantern oil (setting fire to a cask causes
it to explode after 1 round, dealing 3d6 fire damage
to everything in a 15-foot radius—half damage on
a successful DC 12 Dexterity check—and igniting
flammable objects in the area)
- One wooden horn (when blown, the horn can be
heard clearly by all creatures within a half mile
excluding those in soundproofed areas)
- A small, black leather sack containing enough
caltrops to cover a 5-foot-square area
- A small, unlocked wooden chest containing 10
spikes, an iron mallet, and two potions of climbing

XP: 2 Human Warriors: 40
1 Devil: Imp: 100
Role Play tonight: 400
Role Play in thread: 200

148 XP per player.
You return the shattered pieces of the Altar to Cromm’s hold and Sir Isteval is duly impressed. You are greeted by the soldiers there as heroes. Some even call you dragon slayers.

After a few weeks it becomes apparent that there will be no further attacks on Croms hold and Sir Isteval leads the troop and you back to Daggerford and when you are back in town you head back to your home away from home The Lucky Lady. Glenys the inkeeper greets you warmly and you chat with her.

You meet a new adventurer and get to know her. Then you spy through the window the traitor Maechen. But, she turns out to be the real Maechen and not the imposter with whom you apparently traveled.

You find a wanted poster seeking a “Boo Boo Doll” wanted for associating with Arvick and The Red Wizards. You attend a puppet show, starring you! You are then approached by an expectant mother seeking her baby daddy Arassán. Who has gone off treasure hunting with a bad lot. Seems that these two things are not totally unrelated, Boo Boo Doll is Arassán’s new employer. She says “The father of my unborn child is in great danger, and I fear for his life. His name is Arassán. My father hired him as a shepherd, but they had a fight after
some sheep went missing. Arassán found work elsewhere, but we continued to see each other. Then he fell in with a bad crowd. He would give me money and not say where he got it. The last time I saw him, he told me about some treasure buried under a ruined estate near Cromm’s Hold. He and his friends planned to split the loot between them, and
then he said he would return to me a rich man. When I told Arassán I was pregnant, he paid a bubudow—a witch who practices herbal medicine— to look after me. She would visit twice a day and gave me herbs to help with the pain and sickness. “Yesterday, I saw her face on a wanted poster. Fifty gold pieces for information leading to her arrest, one thousand for her capture. As you are friends of Sir Isteval, I thought you should know. Since Arassán left, I haven’t seen the woman.”

You seek the counsel of Sir Isteval he initially thinks you might have encountered a doppelganger—maybe one in league with the Red Wizards. You explain that the creature’s disguise was more of an illusion than a physical metamorphosis, the paladin’s face turns pale for a moment. “Interesting,” he replies, regaining his composure. Isteval believes he’s encountered such a creature before, but he speaks no more of it.

You were teleported to Delphin’s tower. You appear in a semicircular library lit by the evening sun. Seated in an overstuffed chair, reading a book, is a small white monkey.
From behind the chair steps an elderly man with a ring of white hair and a dark complexion. He’s stands 5 feet tall, wears tattered robes, and has a gold-trimmed dagger fastened to his belt and a book with a red leather cover tucked under one arm. “Apologies,” he says. “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. I think I can be of assistance, if you’ll humor me. Name’s Delfen. Welcome to my humble tower.”

The old mage hands you the book with the red leather cover. It bears a curious title: Dreams of the Red Wizards. “Know your enemy, I always say.” Delfen walks over to the open window and closes it tight. “The Red Wizards hail from a land far, far to the east—a corrupt and domineering magocracy ruled by the undead archmage Szass Tam. It seems he has fixed his evil gaze on the Sword Coast. The Red Wizards’ presence is cause for grave concern. No wonder Isteval is looking for help wherever he can find it.”

“The story begins a long time ago, before the founding of Daggerford. A group of wealthy nobles from a distant realm settled in Delimbiyr Vale to escape persecution. They were the leaders of a secret society dedicated to the worship of Elemental Evil. “Any-hoo, when I heard that Lord Floshin’s estate and Cromm’s Hold had been ransacked, I figured someone might have a bone to pick with the descendants of these cult leaders, and it occurs to me that the old Ambergul estate might be the next target. Not much remains of the estate these days, but Reynard Ambergul was a crafty man. I’m sure some vestige of his legacy survives to this day, waiting to be uncovered. I wouldn’t let the Red Wizards unearth that legacy, if I were you!”

You set off for the Ambegul Estate. You follow an old road half-hidden by grass and
weeds. Eventually, the road disappears and the ground softens as you traverse a highland meadow overlooking the Lizard Marsh. A stiff wind blows from the west, carrying the stench of salt and rot. A head, you see several large crypts of weathered gray stone in a boggy field full of overgrown weeds and pools of standing water. The stone crypts are arranged in two rows, and they appear to be in various states of decay—some intact, others collapsed. A marble statue of a winged angel standing in line with the crypts raises imploring hands to the cloudy skies.

You believe that a mansion once stood south of the cemetery, but nothing of it remains except a few crumbled stone chimneys leaning at precarious angles.

Searching the ruined Crypts you eventually find the ebterance to the dungeons and you find Arassán, after a brief fight.

The Dragon Revealed
Do not poke the Dragon.

600 CP.
Six Pink Pearls in a leather pouch
a Mirror of Flattery.
(again be sure that the treasure is not duplicated.)

Experience points
200 for roleplay tonight
200 for roleplay on the thread (If you participated.)
7 fire beetles 70 XP
Lizardfolk Leader 210 xp
2 lizardfolk 60 xp
Meeting Thoss Fyurnen and avoiding combat 1,700 XP
Water Elemental 870 XP
= 982 XP per person.

After breaking camp you return to the underground caverns and find the Dragon Shrine where you had the large battle with 7 lizardfolk. Crossing the river you find in an alcove where 7 fire beetles beset you. Easily besting them you find a calcified dwarf skeleton. In his hand he clutches a coin. This coin had a split orc head on one side and the dwarven rune for I on the other. Thorning recognizes this as a coin of the Ironaxe clan. An ancient and almost forgotten clan of dwarves.

Gert find a secret passage that leads to the Lizard Queens Boudoir. Searching her makeshift bed you find a chest containing 600 CP. Six Pink Pearls in a leather pouch, and a Mirror of Flattery.

You follow a hall out of that room and find yourselves in the largest cavern you’ve seen yet! It has a undergound lake. As you investigate this the Lizardfolk Queen and the two Lizardfolk who retreated from you before pop out and beset you. It is a hard fight but well won.

Seconds after you drop the Lizard Queen Thoss Fyurnen, the terrible black dragon, burst from the water and prepares to loose his breath upon you. The wyrmling flies to him. He then decides to leave you alive because he now sees that there is something YOU can do for HIM.

Thoss explains that having a war with the local humans, just isn’t the evil plan he has right now. It would in fact get in the way of what he and his mate Cheleen are planning. With his great tail he hefts an altar from an unseen alcove and drops it at your feet. He commands you to take it back to Cromm’s Hold with his apologies. He was after all only trying to get his young back from the Red Wizard Arvick who was as you probably guessed behind stealing his eggs.

You heft and drag the heavy altar and have just managed to push it up a waterfall. Machen then attacks you! She smashes the altar and grabs something from the insides. She releases a water elemental from the altar and then disappears.

You have a very hard fight but manage somehow to defeat this Dire Foe. You then rest. You follow an underground cavern to find machen had cut the rope leading to the exit. You climb hard out as carefully as you can and see that at least, the rain has stopped.

An ancient forgotten temple leads to a huge underground cavern!
Deeper and Deeper.

Roleplay online 200 XP (If you participated)
Role Play at table 200 XP
2 giant lizards 60 XP
4 Lizardmen 120 xp
4 fire beeltes 40 XP
3 fire beetles 30 XP
2 giant lizards 60 XP
old blind Lizardman 0xp
green slime 20 XP
a stirge 10XP
7 stirges 70xp
gray ooze 180 xp
7 Lizard men 210XP
560 XP per player
3600 copper
1700 silver
3 tarnished silver goblets worth 50 gold a piece
sliver unicorn figue with a amythest horn 150 gp
Tear shaped saphire pendant on a gold chain 250 gp and a magic shield (apple tree)
pale blue robe with sun pattern stitched in golden thread 15 GP
a gold sunshaped medalin 50 gp
a wooden scoll tube with images of leaved and berrys
Speak with dead ritual scroll
quartz gemstone worth 10 gold that glows with a perpetual magic light 10 feet aura
a potion of invisibilty
a burgundy velvet pouch
45 ep
blue wax underwater candle that has 6 uses
(Please be absolutely certain that the treasure is NOT duplicated on any 2 players character sheets. Please be sure that the group understands that you have taken possesion of which treasures and what amount of coins)
After meeting yet another new travelling companion The group breaks camp and trudges onward through the swamp. This time sure of their destination. Dragging along the black dragon hatchling continues to be a pain for them. As they trudge through the swam they evade 2 giant lizards.

Then the some to their destionation. They have been told by the clotskull orcs this leads to the dragon nest they seek. Through the torrential downpour you trudge. Finally, the twisted trees give way to a dark lake with yellow flowers growing along it’s shore. Mist hangs like a gossamir cloud above its’ surface. Through rain and gloom, you spot an islan rising the the lakes center. reead and cat tails sprout from the water.

A rectangular building capped with an shattered dome frame stands atop the island. a wide opening on the buildings northern face leads into a shadowy interior. Faint orange light shines from within.

You enter and are waylayed by 4 Lizardmen and 4 fire beeltes. Pressing on you further encounter 3 fire beetles in cages which you wisely leave alone. You find a throne room where you beat 2 giant lizards. You also haplessly slay and old blind Lizardman who was trying to talk to you. In the throne room you find 3600 copper 1700 silver 3 tarnished silver goblets worth 50 gold a piece sliver unicorn figue with a amythest horn 150 gp Tear shaped saphire pendant on a gold chain 250 gp and a magic shield (apple tree).

In an old vault you have a run in with some green slime, which burns Gert badly. However you find a pale blue robe with sun pattern stitched in golden thread 15 GP a gold sunshaped medalin 50 gp and a sealed wooden scoll tube with images of leaved and berrys conatianing 2 rituals Speak with dead and lesser restoration (USED)

You saw a Old library and squished a stirge with a door. You examined a room with an out of place statue and found a key. In the next room you found the lock box that it fit. You gained a quartz gemstone worth 10 gold that glows with a perpetual magic light 10 feet aura a potion of invisibilty a burgundy velvet pouch 45 ep blue wax underwater candle that has 6 uses.

In a room with many makeshift beds you found a statue of a dwarf. Whn plugged into the altar it gave you a hint about the key. You fold a room with a swarm of stirges feating on dead animal corpses and a halfling corpse. You survived 7 stirges 70 xp.

You found a human statuette and an elf statuette to match your dwarf statuette in a long hallway and 3 rooms full of sarcophagi.

You found a healing font in another room and some of you took some of it’s water with you (be sure to tell me if you try to use this water, I gave you a code for it.) one of you drank the water and was healed.

You don’t know it but you avoided dawdling in a room with a gray ooze 180 xp. Going deeper and deeper you left the constructed part of the dungeon and foud yourself in a natural cave with a running river, even a waterfall there you were abushed by 7 Lizard men.

Surely as you continue to explore the underground caverns you will find the dragon’s nest you seek!

Avrick's made alot of trouble for everyone.
What to do after a hangin'?

The rain just never let up and the festival wasn’t able to take place but all was not lost cause there was a Red Wizard to hang. He was responsible for the Floshin estate being robbed by Several half orcs. An ancient altar in the family crypt was broken during the robbery and several maids were dragged off as breeding stock. One of the maids made her way back and spilled the beans that Arvick was behind it all.

As they put the noose around Arvick the Red Wizard’s neck his tatoos began to writhe and move around. Sir Isteval, a noble paladin with a wounded leg, drew his longsword but the trapdoor was pulled and the Red Wizard was hanged. The tattos stopped moving and that, as they say, was that for old Arvick.

But suddenly hoof falls are heard and horse and rider appear. Cromms Hold has been attacked by a black dragon. The crowd panics in response to the news and becomes a dangerous mob of frightened people. The adventurers are recruited by Sir Isteval and sent to Cromms hold.

When they arrive at Cromms hold they find the attack is over and the dragon has left after taking his prize, another altar. Sir Isteval asks the adventurers to go forth into the swamp and see if they can locate the Dragons nest.

After a day of wanderind and a few various random encounters in the swamp, they come across a camp of orcs and half orcs. Thankfully the adventurers have a half orc in their number and he goes forth to question them. Initially the adventurers think that this is the group of half orc that must have ransacked the floshin estate but the group of orcs say nothing about that. The orcs do say, upon learning that Arvick is dead, that Arvick hired them to steal a dragons egg. The orcs reveal more information about where to find the dragons nest.

When they go to investigate the egg, it hatches and Gert becomes the caretaker of a hatchling black dragon. The acid from the hatchling is a bother and the group tries to bind up the hatchlings’ mouth, they manage to do so amidst screams from the hatchling and being spewed with specs of acid.

The group then learns that their guide has lost her bearings while wrestling with the drage. They go off into the swamp and try to regain their bearings, having another few random encounters. Having regained their sense of which way to go, they make camp for the night.


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