human female Cleric of Chauntea neutral good
“Look to nature the gawds purest creation. All you need can be found there.”

The local priest of Chauntea is a reclusive mystic who
prefers to spend her time in the temple garden rather
than interacting with other people any more than is
strictly necessary. Hadeshah was born and raised in
the hamlet of Gillian’s Hill, and still finds the size
of even a small town like Daggerford, with its stone
walls and broad streets, overwhelming. Her three
young assistants handle perform most of the rites of

Chauntea, at least those that take place outside the
Hadeshah is a middle-aged wisp of a woman,
barely five feet tall and very slender. She white robes
at all times, donning an emerald green stole for ceremonial

Class Trainer: Hadeshah can serve as a mentor
and trainer to a player character cleric.


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