Sir Isteval

Purple dragon knight

Isteval is a former adventurer and Purple Dragon
Knight of far-off Cormyr, living out his retirement in
Daggerford. Believing that the shining kingdom of
Cormyr was a lighthouse to the world, a shining example
of everything that a nation should be, he fought
boldly against the forces of chaos and evil wherever
they threatened the stability of his home realm.
As his power grew, he assembled several different
groups of like-minded adventurers to help spread the
vision of Cormyr’s glory into the Western Heartlands.
His former companions are spread up and down the
Heartlands, from Cormyr to Baldur’s Gate and the
Moonsea to Icewind Dale.
In a fateful battle against an ancient green dragon,
Isteval suffered a grievous wound to his leg that has
never fully healed. His wounded leg means that Isteval’s
greatest quests now lie behind him, but he has
never lost his vision of a shining Cormyr that should
be, a beacon and bastion against encroaching darkness.
Isteval believes that Cormyr’s greatest challenge
is fast approaching, and unless its scheming nobles
and corrupt knights and wizards can pull together in
unity, the nation is in danger of being conquered by
its enemies. Though he is no longer able to fight as he
did in his youth, Isteval seeks to bring together a new,
great company of brave souls to carry on his legacy, to
preserve his vision for future generations.

Isteval is technically a paladin of Amaunator, but
he views the god in an outmoded light as Lathander,
the god of dawn and new beginnings. In these days
of trials and chaos, Isteval sees the birth pangs of a
new age, and believes against all evidence and reason
that it will bring unprecedented peace and prosperity.
Though many trials yet lie ahead, he is convinced that
at the end of his journey is a far fairer place.

Isteval is slender and tawny-skinned with dark
brown hair salted with gray. He often still wears the
heavy plate armor of a knight, though his left leg is
braced and he carries a walking stick as well as his
greatsword. His armor is decorated with the holy
symbol of Lathander, which some members of the
church of Amaunator would consider heretical.

Sir Isteval

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