Trista the Shadowed


Human female mage, neutral
“When you peer into the darkness, the darkness peers into you. Same with the light. Be not too hasty to make allies of either.”

Trista has been the official court wizard of the dukes
of Daggerford since the untimely death of her mentor,
Gwaereth the Gray, seventy years ago. She is now
approaching her hundredth birthday, and is frail and
nearly blind. However, her magical power is greater
than ever, and she is greatly feared both within the
court and in the town in general. The only person in
the ducal castle who doesn’t avoid her is Lady Morwen,
who is fond of the “old witch” (a term of endearment in
her mind) and spends hours plying her with questions
about the history of the town and the region.
Trista has no patience for court politics or the niceties
of courtly etiquette, declaring that she played
those games for long enough and is now entitled to
ignore them. However, she demands at least a show
of respect from younger people, claiming she has
earned that as well. She is brash, outspoken, and
extremely opinionated, but not malicious or wantonly
Trista wears flowing robes of midnight blue, and
lights always seem to dim in her presence (hence her
epithet). Her white hair is a wispy halo around her
head, and her eyes are milky white. She leans on a
staff (a staff of striking) when walking.

Class Trainer: Trista can serve as a mentor and
trainer to a player character wizard.

Trista the Shadowed

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